Patternmaster Sporting Series 12 Gauge Choke Tubes

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Patternmaster 12ga Shooting Sport Series (SSS) TRAP MID (0.715”) has our patented “Gas over Constriction Technology” utilizing a “Coil Zone” which is made up of a channel inside the tube used to harness gas expelled from the ammunition. “Coil Zone” channels are spun in a negative twist to stabilize or even, consistent patterns and keep the tube tight in the barrel. Anaconda TRAP MID will throw a MODIFIED pattern with distances out to 50 yards. TRAP MID tubes extend out the end of your barrel one inch. The extension is diamond knurled to allow for hand tightening and efficient tube change. It is also marked with three parallel lines through knurling for easy identification. Tubes available in SILVER color only.  

Why Not…RIGHT?! Patternmaster’s engineers and machinists understand more about manipulating gases, powder and shot than anybody in the world. Also, we have all these U.S. patents just laying around in the summertime. So we figured–Let’s use ‘em! Let’s build the world’s best clays tubes. So, we did it! We hope you enjoy wearing out the competition as much as we did building and testing these animals!


  • 5612 - 12ga Benelli/Beretta Mobile 'SSS' Trap Mid
  • 5613 - 12ga Benelli/Beretta Mobile 'SSS' Sporting Clay
  • 5614 - 12ga Benelli/Beretta Mobile 'SSS' Skeet
  • 5616 - 12ga Benelli Crio/Beretta Optima Plus 'SSS' Trap Mid
  • 5617 - 12ga Benelli Crio/Beretta Optima Plus 'SSS' Sporting Clay
  • 5618 - 12ga Benelli Crio/Beretta Optima Plus 'SSS' Skeet
  • 5624 - 12ga Browning Invector Plus/Winchester SX3, SX4'SSS' Trap Mid
  • 5625 - 12ga Browning Invector Plus/Winchester SX3, SX4 'SSS' Sporting Clay
  • 5626 - 12ga Browning Invector Plus/Winchester SX3, SX4 'SSS' Skeet

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