Rapala Jointed Series Lure

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Rapala Jointed Series Lure


The Rapala Jointed Series Lure mimics the movement of a baitfish in distress to gain the attention of disinterested gamefish. Made from balsa wood and featuring VMC black nickel hooks, the Rapala Jointed Lure is made from quality materials to provide the proper swimming action. Thanks to the swimming action, this bait is the perfect choice to use after a cold front when fish are typically finicky and not ready to feed.

Size Length Weight Running Depth # of Hooks Hook Size
5 2in 1/8oz 3'-5' 2 #10
7 2.75in 1/8oz 4'-6' 2 #8
9 3.5in 1/4oz 5'-7' 2 #5
11 4.38in 5/16oz 4'-8' 2 #3
13 5.25in 5/8oz 4'-14' 2 #2
  • VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
  • Classic minnow profile
  • Fished top to bottom
  • Broken back design
  • Hand-tuned and tank tested
  • Material: Balsa wood

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