Victus Pro Cut Wood Baseball Bat

Item No. 17569-VGPC
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Product Description

V-Cuts were destined for the pros with the same quality wood and hard finish, but a "non-structural imperfection" got them cut from the pro line. Whatever. V-Cuts are gamers for the players who don't care about model, just mashing and raking.

You choose your V-Cut by length and color, but we've got model specs covered. Trust us we know what we're doing. These gamers can be any model in our line or a combination of models.
Drop Weight: Approx. -3
Big League ink dot certified
New Pro Gloss finish
Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
Cut from 2020 & 2021 Professional production due to blemishes, imprecise spec measurement or some other non-structural imperfection
Approved for in-game use