Overland Park Service & Repair Shop

Overland Park Equipment service and repair shop

Keep your sports equipment in working condition with repairs and services at Overland Park SCHEELS. Our trained technicians work to tune-up bikes, restring racquets, sharpen ice skates, and more. Whatever your sport or activity, our SCHEELS expert technicians are knowledgeable and ready to offer the services you need. 

Racquet Sports Services

When you wear out the strings on your favorite tennis or racquetball racquet, bring it into Overland Park SCHEELS for restringing. Our technicians can restring your racquet to the tension you like or recommend a tension based on your playing style or the racquet model.  Also, if you notice your grip needs some attention, we can rewrap your racquet too. 

Ski & Snowboard Services

The cold weather doesn’t keep people from the Kansas City area indoors. Whether you prefer alpine skiing, cross country skiing, or snowboarding, our certified ski and snowboard technicians are here for basic and premium tuning, waxing, and mounting or remounting your bindings. With these ski and snowboard services and repairs, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite winter activities. 

Additional Services

Whether you're looking for skate sharpening or relacing baseball gloves, our Overland Park service technicians provide those services too. When your treadmill or elliptical needs attention and repairs, our technicians are happy to help get your machines back to working condition. Plus, the Overland Park SCHEELS is a Traeger authorized service center too, so we’ll be able to help extend the life of your Traeger grill. If you’re looking for more information regarding our bike shop and bike services and repairs, check out our Overland Park Bike Shop page.

Other popular services and repairs our service shop offers includes:

  • Bat regrip
  • Golf grip installation
  • Ice skate sharpening
  • Baseball glove conditioning
  • Co2 refills (in a variety of quantities)
  • Basketball hoop and trampoline assembly
  • Installing skateboard and inline skate wheels and bearings

For additional services and repair options plus pricing and exclusions, contact your Overland Park SCHEELS.