Forster Full Length Bench Rest Sizing Die

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Product Description

Most reloaders start their collection of Bench Rest® dies with full length sizers because they offer maximum flexibility. The die sizes the case neck and body, sizes shoulder to set headspace (length), deprimes, and expands the case neck.

Machined by hand with one-piece reamers. The exclusive elevated "E-Z" out expander ball system makes the difference in this sizing die.

Full Length Dies are available in more than 70 calibers, either individually or bundled with a seater die in the Bench Rest Die Set.

Custom Neck Honing FAQ
Q. How do I determine what diameter to hone my Sizing Die to?
A. Measure the outside diameter of your loaded rounds and subtract 0.004".

This "hone-to" dimension will prevent the Die from overworking the brass, while enabling the EZ-Out Expander Ball in the Sizer Die to provide consistent neck tension on the bullet.

Two other variables to consider when choosing the "hone-to" dimension are 1) varying neck wall thickness, and 2) differences in ductility, or springback, in different lots or batches of brass.


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